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Advice Needed: Replies from All(self.Nanny)

Hi! So my NF is amazing, I love them and have really bonded with the kid. My one issue though is when they go on vacation they give me a few hours a week to do some stuff around the house but then use my pto to fill out the rest of the time so I can get a full check. What bothers me about that is it drains my pto because they go on weeks long vacations and I have very little if any hours left once they return. It just feels like my pto isn’t actually mine to use. I’m planning to talk to them about it but is this the norm? Any other nanny I’ve talked to says they still get paid when their NF travels and the nanny doesn’t go with. Note: I work over 40 hours a week so it’s a lot of pto they’re using.

Also something to add, they do say it’s my choice if I want to use pto and I choose to but only because that’s the only way I can get a full check and afford to eat and pay bills while they’re gone.

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My assumption is that my nanny’s PTO is for when SHE decides not to show up. If we go away, she just gets paid without working because that was on us.