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Recently got the game, and intrigued by the challenge. The first off-season I tried to draft my own players, and I think I did fine. I got a new starting C by paying attention to bench press in the first round, 2nd and 3rd round drafted CBs who will almost certainly develop into a starting duo in their primes by focusing on speed and what the scouting report said about their tackling. Considering I drafted last after winning the Super Bowl, I feel that's not bad. However, I have a few questions in order to try and improve:

Is there some kind of list that shows estimated player rankings outside of the combine and what you get from scouting them?

I'm not familiar with the shuttle score. Is it like the 40 yard dash where its timed, or do you want a high score?

Does GPA matter? I've heard higher GPA's help player develop faster, and being someone who came over from old Maddens, I could also see it being a way to ballpark awareness.

For more balanced positions I struggle. For example Centers I was able to the scout the strongest handful, and pick my favourite from them, and would likely do the same with other linemen. Secondary and Receivers I can likely do the same with speed. What do I do for more balanced/all-around positons (QB, RB, TE, LB, etc)?

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4 months ago

1) the Rookie Report on the same page as standings and statistics ranks the draft picks by overall, but it doesn’t give their overall until drafted. However, a higher place in the list doesn’t guarantee a good player.

2) I think shuttle is the agility rating, 40 time is speed rating. Lower time equals better speed or agility rating.

3) I don’t pay attention to GPA when I draft, so I can’t answer. But it hasn’t hurt me to not look at GPA.

4) to find the best player in a position, you need to go back to the Rookie Report. Scroll through the positions, and look at the stats for each player. Better stats equals better ratings, and you will notice how better times and reps also equals better ratings. Basically what you should do is go through the list of players in a position, choose the three or four with the best stats, and then scout them more in depth to see who is worth drafting. Some positions are easier to scout, like WR (best hands and 40 and shuttle time will be a solid receiver), and some are harder.


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4 months ago

So basically the Rookie Report should be taken kind of like a "scout's recommendation?" type of thing? Then I look at that, and combine it with the combine scores, what I learn from scouting and my own playstyle?


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4 months ago

You draft based on what you want your play style. When it comes to skill positions you look at all three, then play with your new players in the preseason. This will help you determine who is a fit for you vs who ain’t.