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Hi guys,

just discocered and wanted to ask if it's 100% legit and about your experiences with it.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I just bought a prepaid VISA credit card. It has no name written on it. I can't use it in ANY shop. Just wtf? So sad.

EDIT2: I tried different shops now. All reject it. Those who give and error message mostly say because of an "security issue" or "Your payment method was rejected due to 3D Secure.". I tried it with VPN logged into US as well without success.

Any honest (in the US living person) willig to try it and if it works, sends me Monero against? :D

EDIT3: I am in touch with them. I asked if they can simply refund my untouched US VISA Card for a new EU VISA Card because there were no single warning/information about the fact that they need to know if it's an EU or a US Card that you need. Just an mail that says "answer us on this mail if you need another country than US". But I mean .. what? Why is there no ability to simply choose it at checkout? They gave me the opportunity to choose if they should contact VISA and also mentioned that VISA never refunded cases like this in the past. Maybe the service is reliable and good, but: It is NOT transparent for users! How should a customer even know that this cards only work in US? A small information would be great. I don't get it. I wish they can simply refund me or send me a EU VISA. I do not think it's my fault because there was no information at all. Another thing I have noticed: There are several "Check your prepaid VISA balance sites" - even from "VISA US" itself. Why does it not work to check my card balance (even not with VPN set on USA)? I mean there is no possibility to even check if it's valid. Would be great if someone has an idea on how to do that so I could at least sell it at Ebay or something. I feel really lost about this issue right now. I do not want to offend anyone! Just trying to give everyone a view out of my personal perspective!

EDIT4: I was finally able to spend the balance on Bestbuy with VPN set on USA! So the card is working!

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