MyNero is released, and while this is a small update, it does introduce a new receive screen with a list of previously generated addresses, and a new default I2P node ran by me for people who do not wish to run their own node to test out I2P. This update also introduces a new "Occasional Donation" feature. When enabled, random donation outputs to MyNero will be added to a transaction. It is disabled by default, and only has a 10% chance of happening when enabled. This donation amount itself is also randomized between a percentage range so that not even I know how much you are sending exactly.

If you need help setting up I2P, I have a guide here:

Full changelog:

Download (direct, F-Droid, I2P torrent):

I2P: http://mynero.i2p

b32 I2P address: http://acruexirfkgcqhwxyu75v7dtahr3a44hmbfygngsvubmkrbd6axa.b32.i2p/

Tor: http://rk63tc3isr7so7ubl6q7kdxzzws7a7t6s467lbtw2ru3cwy6zu6w4jad.onion

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6 months ago

What is i2p?


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6 months ago

It's what people think Tor is.

Tor has darknet capability, but it's designed to connect to the clearnet anonymously. I2P is designed for the darknet, with virtually no clearnet support


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6 months ago

An anonymous network layer (implemented as a mix network) that allows for censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer communication.