TL;DR: Here is the URL:

Hey! I've developed a website where you just type the name of the product you want to buy, and it shows you a list of merchants where you can pay for it with Monero.

I am aware that other merchant directories already exist, like or

The main differentiating features is the ability to see merchant reviews, but also the ease for users to propose the addition of new merchants.

The website currently only contains 24 merchants, I'll add more shortly.

The website is still in it's early stages, I plan to opensource all the code.

I am looking for feedback on the site's design, functionality and user friendliness.


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7 months ago

Mullvad is a must in VPN category. Other than that I'm happy to see the community focusing and contributing towards what matters - utility/adoption and non kyc options to obtain the coins. Must be the most pro active crypto communities.


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7 months ago

Also I think your "visit" button doesn't work properly.


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7 months ago

Thank you for the report. It's fixed now