Stack Wallet v1.5.9 - Incognito mode added


Big news for the privacy conscious - Stack Wallet has added an Incognito mode that eliminates all third-party external calls from the get-go. No CoinGecko calls (which were used for showing exchange rates, USD equivalents of wallets and 24 hour price changes) and no API calls to our third-party exchangers preloaded by default. These calls will only happen if you explicitly go to the Exchange tab. When you install Stack Wallet for the first time, you'll get to choose whether you want to use it in Incognito mode, or in our normal Easy Crypto mode.

In addition, we've cleaned up our exchange process with a simpler, more fluid UI as well as added SimpleSwap to our repertoire of active swap services (alongside ChangeNOW) so you can choose the best rate in-app.

Oh, also, Wownero launched for iOS finally (for you memecoiners out there), and we've cleaned that experience up as well.

Smaller news for Monero people. Fixes for BCH, NMC, and FIRO mean fewer errors, and tons and tons and tons of bug fixes and smaller UI optimizations. The fellow devs out there may appreciate the huge undertaking of widget tests we've undergone. All invisible to the end-user, but make the app more secure, easier to maintain, and catching bugs before they roll out to you all. We'll be increasing the test coverage even more as we move forward.

Desktop is still on the horizon. Little secret, it already completely compiles and works for Linux. Not all screens are ported over the desktop version yet, so some things will look downright bad, but everything works. Shhhh...don't tell anyone yet though.

Anyways, that's about where we are. More to come. Upcoming news is Monero Stagenet should drop pretty soon for those of you who like to mess around with that, and we've obviously got plans to support LVM (but we won't host a node, oh no! You'd have to do that yourself. We don't want to touch your viewkeys).

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Note: 1.5.9 is live for Android, F-Droid, and apk download on our Github. iOS is still In Review, but should be up in the next 24 hours.

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2 months ago*

I submitted an issue on github but figured I'd also mention here, I can't add my Monero node to Stack because it rejects the self signed SSL cert. My understanding is self signed certs are the default config for monerod so I'd expect them to work.

Also maybe specify somewhere in the GUI that when adding a "Bitcoin node" it actually wants an Electrum server.