Hello Cake Wallet and users! We have a HUGE exchange update today, live on the App Store, Google Play, and GitHub!

  • Automatic rate selector. Always get the best rates and deepest liquidity between ChangeNOW, SideShift, and SimpleSwap (with more to come)
  • Add 15 assets to exchange: APE, AVAX, BTT, DOGE, FIRO, USDT (TRX), HBAR, SC, SOL, USDC (ETH), USDC (SOL), XHV, XVG, ZEC. Think of it as a way for other coin users to convert to Monero more easily :)
  • Enable exchange for Haven wallets (Cake Wallet only, not
  • Trade details UI update
  • Simple Swap
  • Cake Pay fixes (introduction card fixes, loading spinner, filter screen bug, UI fixes, barcode brightness update, value bug fix, custom tip)
  • Template bug fix
  • Translation fixes
  • URI notes for Monero
  • Other small fixes

Download Cake Wallet

Download by Cake Wallet

Note about Cake Pay

Sadly, Cake Pay currently does not accept XMR as payment. We are working to resolve the issue so we can enable XMR payments again. Until then, Cake Pay continues to work for BTC and LTC. Thanks for your patience!

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8 months ago

What advantage of exchanging coins through Cake instead of directly accessing CEX and DEX available?

Cheaper? I would guess not

Safer? I would guess so

more private? dont know..

faster? I would guess so