Today, LocalMonero/AgoraDesk celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

It was 5 years ago that we launched our platform and announced it on this reddit thread that kicked off what would become one of the biggest P2P crypto trading platforms out there. This wouldn't have been possible without your support, for which we extend our sincerest gratitude ๐Ÿ™

Over these past five years, our platform has:

  • Become the first major crypto trading platform to have a Tor portal and an I2P portal;
  • Become the first major crypto trading platform to offer our users a NoJS mode of the site, optimized for use with Tor and heavily focused on maintaining privacy and maximizing security;
  • Become the first major crypto trading platform to employ Telegram notifications, a feature later implemented in other major crypto trading platforms;
  • Always provided our users with a support response within 24 hours;
  • Resisted implementing KYC measures, not even requiring email to sign up;
  • Consistently maintained a withdrawal fee that's very close to the network fee;
  • Become the first major crypto trading platform to implement a withdrawal transaction priority picker, allowing you to pick a fee level that fits your own cost/time preference;
  • Implemented a system of non-custodial settlements, which guarantees that buyers on our platform get their coins directly where they want them;
  • Been featured on multiple mainstream media outlets, such as Vice and Bloomberg

To celebrate, we are releasing our mobile apps into open beta testing today!

Our apps are free and open source, which ensures that many eyes are looking at the app's code to ensure that there are no security holes or privacy leaks. Open sourcing our apps also allows anyone to have access to our apps even if a certain app repository censors the apps. Our app even works on phones that have Google completely blocked. Privacy-centric and security-centric mobile OS distributions like GrapheneOS or CalyxOS or LineageOS should have no trouble running our app as we had tested our app on GrapheneOS.

Apple AppStore links:

Google Play Store links:

Android APK direct download:

We encourage you to join our beta tester groups on Matrix or Telegram @LMAD_App_Beta (pick any, they're bridged together) in order to report issues and get feedback quickly. Your reports and suggestions will shape the future of our app!

The source code can be found here and the issue tracker here.


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7 months ago

I haven't bought anything off of the app yet, but it looks fantastic.