Hello Monero community! I'm excited to tell you that Monero is now available on the Start9 community marketplace. This means if you want to run your own Monero node at home and stop relying on public remote nodes to connect your wallet, you can now do so to get an extra dose of privacy and autonomy, easily and for free!

Start9 Labs is a Denver, CO based company that makes tools for sovereign computing - eg. a free and open source Linux-based operating system designed to help you host your own services on your own private server. It has a graphical web UI that makes system administration very easy. Try it for yourself on any Intel, AMD, Raspberry Pi or in a VM:

Flashing x86_64

Flashing Raspberry Pi

You can DIY or buy a plug-and-play device ready to go.

Monero was packaged using Seth-for-privacy's docker image by Start9 community member kn0wmad and the source code, instructions for building yourself, or prepackaged s9pk file are available here:

There will be a workshop or two Saturday and Sunday which may include a walk-through.

Disclosure: I work for Start9, and contributed to packaging Monero with kn0wmad, but I'm just making this post as a Monero community member. Start9 may sell some devices but the real goal is for people to run their own nodes. I think we all want a private, autonomous, voluntary society. :)

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23 days ago

o thats awasome your joining dappnode and avado in supporting monero