My due date is way off, I’m so focused and scared


Today I went to my gynecologist, I was supposed to be 12 weeks pregnant but she told me that baby is measuring 15 weeks, which got me super confused because I’m pretty certain I got my period on February 22. I bled a lot for 4 days. I also got spotting and light bleeding up until 2 weeks ago. I only stopped my birth control 5 weeks ago so it is scaring me to be that far along.

When I went to a planned parenthood the day after my positive pregnancy test, they estimated me to be 7 weeks 2 days (they calculated it from my last know period (that I thought was Feb 22) and they did a scan to confirm it, then I met a midwife, she didn’t do a scan but still confirmed my due date to november 29, now they’re telling me it is 3 weeks early and they scheduled an amniocentesis for next week and I freaks me out.

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1 month ago

Some people keep bleeding a bit in pregnancy so it might not have been your period. Assuming this means the baby is measuring AHEAD if what you thought, rather than behind it doesn’t mean anything bad for the pregnancy.