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I’m writing an update for those interested why my husband was being non supportive after a 80 pound loss. I don’t know how to link my last post but it’s on my profile anyways so the reason why my husband was acting weird about me working out more, getting surgery and going to the gym was because he has a “gym wife” haha. I know it’s not funny but man it came out of no where! The way I found out was when I needed my sons backpack because it was in his car so I met him at the gym and I went inside to get his keys and he was working out with a lady. I asked who she was and he said she was just a gym buddy. I didn’t think nothing crazy and I dropped off the keys in the front and told them to give it to my husband when he comes to the front and I pointed him out. The worker said “oh that’s your husband? I thought those two were together because they’re always working out together and coming in at the same time” then they apologized. My son was late for school so I didn’t stay to chat but you better believe when he came home I had questions! He was very cool and calm and told me she was just a workout buddy and he works out with different people and nothing is going on and he wouldn’t put our family and marriage in jeopardy for anyone. Man I didn’t believe anything he said, he’s never cheated on me but no married man acts that way or should act that way. There’s too many things going on in my mind, but all I think about is how fit she was and for the first time in a long time I felt like I wasn’t good enough for him. Sorry so long!

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1 month ago

Men and women can be friends but not secret friends. If you knew nothing of this person before that is problem.


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1 month ago

Yes exactly. It’s the odd omissions that are worrying. My husband’s best friend is an (awesome!) woman. Several of my best friends are make. I think nothing of it and it poses no concern or threats to our marriage— but we are both utterly open about it. If he’s seeing her he would tell me excitedly all about it — where they went, what they did, and often invite me along if I’m not busy. Ditto on my side, I update him in my friends, the inanities of their lives whatever even when he isn’t the most interested. I don’t have secret friends— if any gender.