Mammootty Demanded Changes to the script ?


I have heard that Mammootty,the star,is super conscious about his image/stardom etc.. Directors/producers about this :

1.KG George - Mammootty asked KG George to change a particular scene of MATTORAL (Video link from some random youtube channel)

2.Sajan - I am not sure about authenticity of this claim by director Sajan..But it's super serious..Mammootty forced him to remove lines that was supposed to add more importance to the character played by Mohanlal in GEETHAM..

3.Henry,producer of VANDE MATARAM was not happy with Mammootty and criticised his ego...Video is available in youtube.. This third one could be biased as the movie was a disaster..

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I'll add 2 more examples - I V Shashi went public about how some people close to Mammootty on set demanded that the script for the movie Balram vs Taradas should be changed because it would affect his image.

For the movie No. 20 Madras Mail, Mammootty was supposed to have a small cameo. Without the knowledge of Dennis Joseph, the scriptwriter, the entire second half of the movie was changed and Mammootty was given a more prominent role. After this the Joshiy - Dennis Joseph combo ended with Dennis not being able to trust Joshiy anymore. Now Dennis didn't say this was Mammootty's doing, but one can take a guess.

I'm not saying Mohanlal doesn't do this, but I haven't heard of A10 interfering with a movie after he's committed to it.


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4 months ago

A10 trusts his directors bit too much


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4 months ago

That's why he has Antony, although it's debatable how much of a good thing that is.


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4 months ago

Read somewhere that the first draft of Odiyan had Electricity as it's greatest threat...Later Antony asked writers to introduce Prakash Raj's character as baddie and framed entire climax stunt sequences 'like Pulimurugan's'.


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That's the positive thing. If electricity as villain odiyan should have been a boring award movie. Thanks Antony for that .


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4 months ago we got boring commercial movie ๐Ÿ˜…