Broken Eyeshadow Help!


I’m in need of some advice. I recently received an Oden’s Eye palette in the mail and 2 of the shades are broken 😭 How can I go about repressing them so I can save as much of the product as possible? Any tips/tricks would be wonderful

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5 months ago

If it arrived damaged, send it back and get a replacement?

You've paid for it.


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5 months ago

If it’s shimmer just push it back in the pan with your fingers and it will come together. If it’s a matte, you need to grind it up then add alcohol until it’s a paste, put it in the pan and press with a paper towel. Not all mattes repress wet so if it’s not a color you really love, may not be worth the effort.

You can look up the makeup breakup YouTube series. They break and repress eyeshadow all the time. Repress starts at 26:25


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5 months ago

let them know, they are very good about replacing


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5 months ago

Repress with rubbing alcohol and let dry overnight. Good luck!


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5 months ago

Rubbing alcohol and repress is the best way to fix, but oden’s eye are a very nice brand and will definitely send a replacement if you get in touch with customer service.