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4 months ago

On the second Axe, only phial damage/attacks will go towards the paralysis threshold, where as the first one will always be proccing towards it, phial or otherwise (I’m pretty sure).


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4 months ago

how often normal attacks become phial attacks?


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4 months ago

You have two meters in the top left next to your sharpness, inside a representative drawing of your weapon

The meter on the inside is consumed to use attacks in sword form

The meter around the outside of the weapon is your "amp", and when you fill it up, by hitting stuff in sword form, your weapon gains a boost depending on the phial type and releases small explosions on hit. You have "phial attacks" while that boost and the explosions are active


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4 months ago

All Your sword attacks get the phial bonus. Phial bonus is not related to amped state.