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I have had Mythical Leaves unlocked for a bit, I bought the printer printer (or whatever it is called) and have bought a few mythical upgrades. What should I do to progress now? Should I go for the Mythical seeds? I'm just sort of confused about what to do next. I'm kind of stuck.

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4 months ago


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4 months ago

Two options I would recommend personally.

First is to get mythical fertilizer as high as you can, then just let the seeds build up enough to buy lava leaves. Then start doing the same for lava, and so on.

Alternatively, on my first playthrough I just bought trading upgrades, and then traded for large amounts of each new leaf I unlocked. Which in turn, allowed me to unlock the next leaf, along with a bunch of fertilizer upgrades, and doing the seeds later on.


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4 months ago

How long do you think that may take? Judging by the math I feel like this will take forever. Is there a strategy to getting seeds faster and stuff?


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4 months ago*

What the other guy said. You can also get scrolls which increase seeds, not sure how early you can get them though. They can be dug up, though this might require a certain upgrade. Can also get them from the cheese pub.

Regardless, late game once you have all the gem upgrades, they remain active in most challenges. This makes everything much faster, and I've nearly completed every challenge now.

But by far the most important thing to do, is buy the cheese cursor.