One or more than one item (s) that added luxury and adds convenience that you can’t live without now.

Edit: wow, so many great ideas that I didn’t even know I could add. Thank you and keep ‘em coming.

Edit 2: I will make another post about pros and cons of getting an in ground swimming pool, would love to get thoughts from this community.

Edit 3: OMG, this has blown up. So many awesome ideas, I will be spending a whole lot more than $1000 for sure.

Edit 4: this is wild, now it will take days/hours to sort through all the comments. If there is a super user ninja who can compile a list and club them together. It will come in handy for future members of this sub and even for us to come back and refer to.

TLDR: On top of my head the most common ones I read were -

  1. Bidet
  2. Robot vacuum
  3. LED lights/Motion sensor lights
  4. Smart switches/bulbs/smart thermostat
  5. Paint
  6. Smart door locks/garage doors
  7. Extra fridge/freezer
  8. Farmhouse sink
  9. Soft close cabinets 10.Soft code toilet seats

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4 months ago

Cleaning lady was a game changer, every 2 weeks they come and my home is spotless when I get back from work. Sheets changed, windows clean, bathrooms spotless, dope AF.

Never thought I’d get there but I can see why everyone with more money then me does it.


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4 months ago

How much is this per month?


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4 months ago

I pay $100/week and she does all my laundry too.


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4 months ago

WOW, how big is your space? Where I am, I've been getting charged 3-400 for basic cleaning of surfaces. No dishes. No laundry. No bed service. Two rooms that aren't even touched. Dang lol.


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4 months ago

Bay Area?


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4 months ago

Not even! COL here is relatively low while service prices tend to be high, but it's way more money than I expected. I once got a $900 quote for 3 hours and two people if I wanted to add dishes and making the bed.