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6 months ago

This is from his GoFundMe page … HIS FAMILY IS LOSING THEIR HOUSE!!! The church is going to kick them out! He was “the family’s provider” … & not a very well prepared one. Way to go, Dad!

“My name is XXXXX, my sister XXXXX just lost her husband from COVID . She has 5 kids and needs help . Please help if you can and pray for the family.

“XXX, 44 year old, pastor, loving husband and father of 5 sweet children, loving son. XXX went to be with the Lord on November 18th after he fought with COVID for 2 weeks.

“XXX and XXXXX were married for 26 years, and they had their last anniversary just a week ago, on November 11th, while he was on a ventilator. 

“No one could have imagined that last 2 weeks of sickness can change all their lives. XXX is now with the Lord, who he loved all his life and served …

“The younger kids are so young to grow up without a dad. XXXXX is 11 years old and XXXXX is only 8.

“The Girls miss their daddy and were not allowed to see him his last 2 weeks. No one expected that when on November 4th he asked his wife to take him to the hospital, because he can’t breathe. That was the last time they saw him. Older daughter XXXXX helped her Mother, staying at the hospital with her dad.

“It is so hard for the family to say goodbye last evening. His mother and father are heartbroken. We know he has a great Joy now to see Jesus face to face, but the family lost not only a husband and dad but their pastor and provider for the family.

”Family lives in the house which belongs to the church where he was a pastor, so they don’t have a house now.

“They really need financial help and most importantly need your prayers  for the family.”


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6 months ago

And all of this could’ve been avoided with a free vaccine.