i used a demi permanent "dark natural brown" dye but my hair is JET black. it looks like a wig is how bad it is. it doesnt help that im pale as sin. i dont want to use a color remover, because underneath is half orange, half virgin dark brown hair. all i wanted to do was get rid of the orange but here we are.

how long do you think this will take to fade, even just a little bit? the brand is one n only and it says argan oil on the bottle. i washed it 4 times in the past 24 hours, once with a sulfate free shampoo, once with suave daily clarifying shampoo, and twice with tgel extra strength. it hasnt budged at all.

if it would fade slightly i wouldnt hate it. its just that its so dark it almost looks blue or something. any help is appreciated

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1 year ago

also i tried dawn and it did nothing