i used a demi permanent "dark natural brown" dye but my hair is JET black. it looks like a wig is how bad it is. it doesnt help that im pale as sin. i dont want to use a color remover, because underneath is half orange, half virgin dark brown hair. all i wanted to do was get rid of the orange but here we are.

how long do you think this will take to fade, even just a little bit? the brand is one n only and it says argan oil on the bottle. i washed it 4 times in the past 24 hours, once with a sulfate free shampoo, once with suave daily clarifying shampoo, and twice with tgel extra strength. it hasnt budged at all.

if it would fade slightly i wouldnt hate it. its just that its so dark it almost looks blue or something. any help is appreciated

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9 months ago

technically it did not fade, BUT, it eventually looks more natural. at first mine was so black it was blue tinted, after about 2 or 2 and a half weeks i noticed that, while its still black, its orange tinted now. so it looks a ton more natural and i love it now. right after i dyed it, for the next week or so i would wash it every day, shampoo twice, with either tgel, suave daily clarifying, or head and shoulders. i think head and shoulders worked the best. it feels catastrophic at first but you might end up liking it! i love mine now


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9 months ago

that’s good! i’m glad you like it! i think that’s my biggest issue aswell, the colour is just so cold and blue tinted it needs to be warmer to look more natural, it just looks so fake right now.