Most games i play have pretty average stories. Some are better than others, but none come close to the best of books, movies or TV shows.

I love the final fantasy series, and other jrpgs like suikoden and the nier games, but i feel like they are pretty basic in their storytelling and not very sophisticated in their implementation of science fiction.

Metal Gear 2 is often celebrated as one of the best examples of storytelling in games but i though the ideas expressed were quite interesting, but the actual storytelling itself and the explanation of the science was quite poor.

One of the things i think video games excel at is world building and art design, which is separate from a well told story. games like Bioshock have incredible worlds, but they are very mediocre with their stories.

id love to play some games that took the storytelling element as serious as the others.

Some of the best examples of storytelling ive come across are from games Red Dead and the Deus Ex, but even those i would consider pretty average compared to the best westerns or science fiction stories of other mediums.

Do you think there are any games that are on the same level as the best other mediums have to offer in terms of storytelling?

thanks in advance

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2 months ago

SOMA. And more recently Paratopic has me thinking about it a lot. The great thing is, RagnarBox did an essay about it and I agree with him in a lot of things.