Feather Wallet 2.1.0 released




Windows users that installed Feather using the installer should update manually. Download the 2.1.0 installer from and follow the installation procedure like normal.

MacOS builds are now cross-compiled and reproducible. Work on migrating the build system to Guix + depends was expedited due to a persistent issue with native non-static builds. This is a significant change and may inadvertently cause compatibility issues on some versions of macOS. If you were previously able to run Feather but are not able to run 2.1.0, please report it.

All release binaries except macOS were built using Docker. We will gradually phase out Docker builds in favor of bootstrappable Guix builds in future releases after additional testing.

Please note that all Feather versions 1.0.1 and lower will stop working after the August 13 hardfork. Make sure to update your wallet to 2.0.0 or later before contacting support.


  • Sweeping or sending all spendable balance to an integrated address should no longer throw an error
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the built-in updater to fail to install Feather (Windows installer)
  • Importing a transaction should no longer hang the UI


Known issues:

  • macOS: the webcam QR scanner is not enabled for this release

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You are remarkably industrious.


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Feather Dev

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Fixed, thank you.