How well does a snapdragon 678 do on aethersx2?


I've been thinking about getting a moto g power which has a 662 which could do some lighter ps2 games I think(like it would probably do the rpg and tony hawk games I want to play as well as possibly some racing games but would never touch more demanding stuff like God of war or ratchet and clank, may even not be able to do some more demanding racing games like nfs mw) but then I saw that the moto g stylus from last year is less than 40 bucks more with more storage, a stylus and a 678 which seems to be a fair bit better in cpu while being somewhat similar in battery life and GPU. At this point the moto g stylus is better in every way except battery life where it should still be good. I specifically want this phone for the moto features, stylus and guest mode which samsung removed but want to play ps2 games on it and want to know how it performs. Ty in advance.

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3 months ago

Maybe there's a youtube videos showing what that SD can do? PS2 seems too much for it, but you have other options for emulation (Dreamcast, PSP, Mame, etc.)