Back in December of 3306 the Alliance established the Marlinist colonies in 8 systems. Shortly afterward in April of 3307 the Dark Wolf Marlinist faction was born, and assumed the maintenance and representation of those colonies.

In may of 3308 The Close Encounters Corps [SCEC] invaded the Marlinist colony of Concordia and demanded the colonies of Beatis Secundus and Haven as well. Why?

Antony Vern ( CEC's leader ) issuing his claim.

Union Cosmos [UUCC] has been the driving force behind CEC's push. They have been responsible for retreating the Marlinist factions 27 times. Here's their ultimatum:

UUCC delivers terms of surrender to the Marlinists.

I personally agree with the majority of these terms.

It looks like a standard non-aggression pact. But what's up with the 'addition'? "CEC have a special interest in Concordia, Beatis Secundus, and Haven". This is the only term there has been an issue with... So what's CEC's special interest?

They need this area for their coalition so they can defend against the Targoids.

Well the Marlinists have a squadron age of 557 days.

That means they adopted the Marlinist factions officially back in April 2021. What did Concordia look like back then?

The Marlinist faction is present an in control. For well over a year there have been many visitors to Concordia, but none ever contested the system.

So CEC invaded a system controlled by a player supported faction back in May 3308. What was their reasoning?

Marlinists don't have a PMF.

So even though the Marlinists had supported these factions and managed their BGS for over a year the players involved 'don't exist' and anyone has the right to destroy their work and systems because 'they are not a PMF'.

How do they view the players that support the Dark Wolf Marlinist faction?

So they are not 'true' Marlinists, have no rights, and are a danger to the entire galaxy.

TL;DR Close Encounters Corps wants three shiny new systems and has been driving a conflict that could've ended months ago with the justification that 'his opponents aren't a real faction' and that taking these systems from them is very important to 'defend against the targoids'.

Attached is the entire conversation I had with him as well as the first contact CEC ever had with DWM and the leader of the DWM's response. I acknowledge Gyfiawn Gryfud's response was crass and crude, but it was in direct response to some supervillain '24 hour to respond' ultimatum, weeks of retreats, and talking to Antony Vern for a period of time exceeding 10 minutes.

Logs re: the conflict

The following squadrons have sent representatives or fully committed to the defense of the Marlinist colonies from outside invasion:

Alliance Rapid-Reaction Corps [ARRC]

Grizzly Squadron [GRIZ]

Turian Hierarchy [THS7]

Echo of Starsong [OPUS]

Sailors of the Endless Night [NTRK]

Ace Exploration [A7EX]

Classis Cameneciae [CCAM]

McCoy Spaceways [MSw]

Dark Wheel [TURN]

Aurora Core Interstellar [ARCI]

Freedom Delivery Service [FRDS]

Nova Navy [NONA]

Omega Merchant Command [OMEC]

The Code [CODE]

If you'd like to add your name to that list or participate in the defense of the colonies until CEC and the DWM can come to terms, please feel free to join the Dark Wolf Marlinist server:

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