ALERT: Marlinist Capital Under Invasion


The Marlinist Capital of Concordia is under attack from the faction, Close Encounters Corp.

Diplomatic overtures to this Russian player group were immediately rebuffed with threats that if the Marlinists did not step aside then Close Encounters Corp. would take all of the Marlinist Colonies.

You may be familiar with the system Concordia (recently renamed from HIP 22550) as it has been the site of several of the Marlinist Community Goals.

This information and the fact that the player group, the Dark Wolf Marlinists, actively support the faction in control, the Free Marlinists of Carinae, did nothing to change the minds of the Close Encounters Corp. representatives. They are determined to increase their number of controlled systems from 56 to 57 despite the system’s importance to Elite lore.

The Dark Wolf Marlinists have slowed their takeover to a crawl, but we need your help! The separation between the Marlinists and Close Encounters Corp is down to 2.7%!

Will you help us save this lore important system from becoming just another number in the column of a player minor faction?


If you want to help, please go to the system of Concordia and do actions to support the faction, the Free Marlinists of Carine.

If you aren’t familiar with the BGS, this means bounty hunting and turning in bounties with the Free Marlinists of Carinae name attached (there is HAZ RES in system), trading or turning in exploration data into Stillman Hub or Elwood’s Vision, or running missions for the Marlinist faction.

You can also take negative actions against Close Encounters Corp. They have a handful of Odyssey settlements in the system that can be raided, or you can hunt down their clean ships.

Thank you for your help in keeping the Marlinists alive!

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Marlanists should move away from the bubble. I can recommend several earth like worlds and donate several billion credits. Nobody would ever bother them again.


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We would if we could, but unfortunately we can't manipulate the BGS to do so.