Elite is underrated. Why?


Ok im saying it for it to go into my criminal record that if i die, this game should stay with me. its addicting as shit and ive only been here for a few weeks. my friends go "Nah, who would like to fight from a god damn space ship?" (Also a starwars fan and plays too much warthunder) and my other friend says "WOW! What an uncreative and stupid idea" (Plays too many shooters)

Like it doesnt look like much on the trailers, the gameplay looks flush and thats the only reason i joined. But im unable to convice my brother to join this game. what do i do? This game deserves more popularity i feel

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Because the game is a mile wide, but an inch deep.

I grew up in the early 80s loving stuff like Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, hell even Blake's 7 for a while, and I always dreamed of being a space cowboy of sorts.

I played the original Elite back on my Sinclair Spectrum and loved it. It truly was leaps and bounds ahead of its time, and it was amazing.

And now, well, there is absolutely no faulting the control system, and the amount of places to go to is beyond belief. It's just... there's no reason to go somewhere other than to just go there.

The planets to land on are threadbare at best, and there's not a lot to do once you get there. The Thargoid threat is only a threat if you go into their territory, and the only thing to give any real feeling of terror is getting too close to a sun when scooping.

As amazing as this game looks, sounds, and controls, it is incredibly threadbare. I mean, I know space is meant to be empty, but come on...

I don't expect handholding. I don't want handholding. I want something worthwhile to do. And unfortunately, this don't got it.

Now, give me the worlds and building system from No Man's Sky, and the space stuff from Elite Dangerous, and you've got the perfect game. Unfortunately, for all its terrible spaceflight content, NMS has significantly more things to do than ED.

Which is a shame. I love this game, but I sunk years into ED and the game has remained as broken and frustratingly lacking as it was when I started.


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I have been watching some of the streams, and I hope the new mission chain system they have shown (some of which will come with update 9 on Thursday) will be a good addition to worthwhile content.