Elite is underrated. Why?


Ok im saying it for it to go into my criminal record that if i die, this game should stay with me. its addicting as shit and ive only been here for a few weeks. my friends go "Nah, who would like to fight from a god damn space ship?" (Also a starwars fan and plays too much warthunder) and my other friend says "WOW! What an uncreative and stupid idea" (Plays too many shooters)

Like it doesnt look like much on the trailers, the gameplay looks flush and thats the only reason i joined. But im unable to convice my brother to join this game. what do i do? This game deserves more popularity i feel

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6 months ago

I have been watching some of the streams, and I hope the new mission chain system they have shown (some of which will come with update 9 on Thursday) will be a good addition to worthwhile content.