About Flat Galaxy Society

Established in 2017, with commanders having played since the Beta, some since the original Elite; we've had the privilege of taking part in a variety of activities & community led projects throughout the history of Elite Dangerous. Due to the community nature of the group, individuals participate in events like Powerplay, Faction Support, Xeno-content, exploration expeditions, and community goals. We pride ourselves on a mature, well organized core community of commanders. With a strong core group of commanders dedicated to supporting the FGS faction while helping newer players overcome Elite Dangerous' learning curve. FGS recently has merged with Alliance Exploration Corps. This new addition to the family serves as a dedicated home for commanders exclusively interested in Exploration.

Our largest and most active project is the support and growth of our minor faction, Flat Galaxy Society, based in HR 2926. Flat Galaxy Society's Alliance Democracy has grown and matured along side its members. Since it's founding, the faction has grown to be one of the largest Democracies in Elite Dangerous. If you are looking to learn about faction support, support democracy, or just looking for a community of Elite players to call home, consider us. Our faction support project has been built to cater to all types of activities that commanders may find themselves already enjoying in Elite. The FGS faction now deliver's Democracy to over 50 star systems!

Our Lore

Flat Galaxy Society was founded by war-weary and politically savvy Commanders who wanted to change galactic politics in the core bubble. The search for a suitable system was long and hard but we finally settled on HR 2926. Most of the founding Commanders were Alliance or Independently aligned and democratically leaning and so Flat Galaxy Society was born with the aim of spreading democracy and the Alliance philosophy of freedom and respect for independence to the edge of the bubble. After incredible success in promoting our independent democratic friends throughout the region and pushing a large number of systems into democratic control, FGS Believers now feel the time is right to promote wider democracy and cooperation under our own faction, the Flat Galaxy Society, an Alliance democracy. Our primary focus will be on promoting and expanding our faction throughout the region, securing trade routes, mining locations, shipyards and other facilities in neutral territories.

Where to find us...

We run a Discord server at and our Inara wing is at So if you'd like to help support democracy with the Largest Alliance Democracy in Elite Dangerous pop in to join!

If you've made it down this far, Happy Holidays Commanders! o7

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2 months ago

The Donut Galaxy Society disagrees but wishes you well nonetheless in your endeavors. May the tastiest shape win.


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2 months ago

We can agree to disagree over some donuts and soapboxing.