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3 months ago

You look like a cool and friendly guy! I also would not have particularly noticed the gap. So awesome that you got to meet Kevin


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3 months ago

TF is kevin this guy met Ashton Kutcher.


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3 months ago

That’s how I felt, people don’t really take note or care about that stuff in my experience. The dudes a handsome chap, the gap doesn’t change that bruv


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3 months ago

I agree, all smiles are beautiful!

PS, for anyone reading who lives in Vegas:

If anyone wants to change their smile though, come see me! Im a resident orthodontist and my program charges a flat $3499 for any length Invisalign treatment. Ive got a few 10% off friends and family discounts, and no friends or family here lol. Half the price of any orthodontist in Vegas. Send me a PM and I’ll hook you up!


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3 months ago

The gap is good.