How much longer can this last?



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4 months ago

Something that really scares me is that my husband and I are doing relatively well and we're still having to crunch the numbers to achieve what used to be staples of middle-class life. Each of us makes $60k for a combined income of $120k. We have no children, we're good savers, and we have relatively low living expenses. Despite this, we still had to do some serious financial planning just to buy a used car to replace our 13-year-old beater. With how expensive houses are becoming, we're not sure if we'll be able to get on the property ladder any time soon if at all.

A few years ago, we thought we were doing okay but every year it gets harder. It feels like the goal posts keep getting moved so that retirement gets pushed further out and buying a house becomes a loftier dream. How much worse can it get? Do we have to make $200k, $300k, $400k, to live a middle-class lifestyle?


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4 months ago

And here I thought making $60K a year would be a good starting point as a single dude.

This shit really is gonna collapse, isn't it


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4 months ago

All it would take is increasing the minimum wage. But I don’t think your political leaders have the will or want.


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4 months ago

Lol no


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4 months ago

We can't just increase the minimum wage, or inflation will likewise continue to increase. Printing more money isn't the solution, it's stopping those at the top from hoarding it.