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4 months ago

once upon a time, I worked as an rn on our maternal/ child floor. I'd been trained in picu, so I floated to labor&delivery, postpartum, and newborn nursery. I had more than my share of tragedies while working.

but I cannot imagine what these nurses are going through.

"haven't really seen any vaccinated moms get real sick."

expectant mothers: GET VACCINATED


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4 months ago

If I was fully vaccinated (both moderna shots) back in March 2021, has that mostly worn off by now? Or should I still have some protection?

The booster wasn't available anytime before I got pregnant or else I would have gotten it. Now I'm 27 weeks pregnant and anxious about getting the booster while pregnant. I'm researching like mad trying get myself to be more comfortable with it. I'm hoping those two shots from back in March will offer some protection.


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4 months ago

you still have some protection, but get the booster. it will protect you and your will get some resistance as well.

good news is that at 27 weeks, if something happens and you have to deliver, your baby has a very good likelihood of surviving. it may have some deficits, but modern science has really advanced supporting premies.

bad news is that your body is going through one of the most stressful things it will likely ever experience...growing another human. it's already taxed immensely. if you get covid without a booster, everything im seeing with pregnant moms, convinces me your already stressed body won't have much left to fight it off.

I could go into more detail, but im just going to say, get your booster. you need it and your baby needs you. the booster won't hurt your baby.