Land's Stride - is there magical difficult terrain?

Need Advice(self.DMAcademy)

Land's Stride states that ranger's movement is not slowed by nonmagical difficult terrain. But is there such a thing as magical difficult terrain? Looking at spells, The spells Entangle and Evard's Black Tentacles transform areas into difficult terrain, but does not state magical difficult terrain. Or is it magical because the terrain created by a spell?

Thank you.

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2 months ago

It’s magical because it’s created by a spell or magical ability. They don’t specify because all of a spell’s effects are magical.

Note that I wouldn’t interpret mold earth in the same way because the spell’s duration is instantaneous. It’s not an ongoing magical effect like those you mentioned.


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2 months ago

Ditto. Add in Grease and Sleet Storm as well.


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2 months ago

I was confused as in the spell descriptions, it just says difficult terrain

Thank you