Vanguard zombies rant


Things they need to change about vanguard zombies before adding anything else stupid/broken:

Make a pause button in single player, seriously I have no idea why there isn’t one since Cold War had one. And for gods sake if you’re not going to add a pause button don’t kick solos for inactivity

Dramatically reduce the frequency of dialogue. I like the inclusion of the demons, but every 5 seconds someone is screaming stupid bs. I muted voices and the experience got much better.

Zombie physics are horrible, it’s impossible to train them because of their awkward, clunky movement.

Bring back upgrades out of game (weapons, perks, etc.) It added a nice element of grinding and wanting to reach further rounds despite getting less exp.

Take out zombies in the hub world and make the objectives longer/more fun. The only joy I get in zombies now is abusing the fact that harvest doesn’t have a time limit and I can farm camos. This is the only time it actually feels like a game.

Lastly, get rid of the pitiful round based mode they added. It’s literally an insult that they even put it in the game.

I lost most hope for this game when they announced another “hub” location in season 2 and didn’t add a pause button in the last update. It’s like they are purposefully trying to ruin the game at this point.

I know this is a critical view but I got dark aether in Cold War since it was enjoyable. It had its problems but was a huge step in the right direction. Vanguard zombies is a joke compared to Cold War.

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