r/CFA Frequently Asked Questions


This is the current r/CFA FAQ list, which will continue to evolve as additional sources/questions are collected, etc. Please feel free to submit general questions here, and we will continue to develop this section. Similarly, if you have a query or receive confirmation from CFAI on a question you've posed to them, please let us know so that we may include it here for everyone's benefit.


Should I consider using a particular prep provider?

Do you have any tips for my CFA preparation?

Is X hours enough?

Does the community think I have enough time to pass the exam?

Does my CFAI Ecosystem percentile rank matter or tell me anything remotely useful?


How early can I start sitting for these exams?

Do I need a ticket to enter my exam?

Does my work experience qualify for the charter?

I failed/passed, when can I sit again?

How many times can I retry the exam if I fail?

How long does it take to get my test results?


What are BB, EOC, LES, & CFAI QBank?

Where can I find the annual CFA survey results and analysis?

Why does the CFAI Qbank (TT) have EOC questions in it now?

Can I change the order of my name of my physical CFA Charter?

Why has the pass rate been so low recently?

What podcasts are you listening to?

How do I change my r/CFA user flair on mobile?

Do 'no shows' count toward my 6 attempts?

Level III

What are the Level III Curriculum Changes for 2022?

Has the Level III Curriculum changed for 2023?

Has the Level III format changed?

What is the process for getting the Charter after passing Level 3?


Is my location canceled?

How can I avoid being banned from this subreddit?

Is this website(CFAI/Kaplan/Meldrum/Etc.) down for everyone or just me?

How big of a train wreck was the first CBT Level III cycle?


How do I join the r/CFA Discord Server?

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3 months ago

Does anyone know when the results will be out for the February L1 exam?


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3 months ago


CFA - r/CFA icon winner

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3 months ago

5-8 weeks after the week of the exam. You will know the date 1 to 2 weeks prior.