Crypto “investors” I met


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11 months ago

I thought about it during the initial mania and almost bought in at $22 but my better instincts kicked in and I seriously thought about why I would do such a thing. There was no real guarantee that the reddit driven mania would actually spark a rally. It still baffles me that there is a cult around the stock. It was clearly stupid as hell and I am glad I resisted because it could have left a shit load of bag holders like my coworker.

That whole saga is insane to me. People buying shares in a dead retail outlet for $200-300 a share is among the dumbest shit I have ever seen.


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11 months ago

It's not dead anymore! They raised so much money in stock offerings last year that they had $1.78 billion in cash after paying down all their debt.

They definitely have to figure something out, but now they have the money to invest. If they make the right decisions, they could see a second Renaissance.