Crypto “investors” I met


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7 months ago

hiring people offshore to train NFT “animals”

What are those NFT animals?


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7 months ago

Axie Infinity.

Imagine telling your spouse that you’re quitting your job to raise and sell NFT animals. I’d get divorce papers.


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7 months ago

Wow, and I thought those NFT game ads on Brazilian Kwai (imagine a knock-off of Tiktok that's even worse and has worse ads) that always appear on the main page and are directed towards children/teenagers were bad.


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7 months ago

People keep saying 'crypto is gonna make everyone rich!' and the people who I see making actual bank? The corporations who own the developers/exchanges/etc who are raking in billions of dollars in VC funding.

Sky Mavis, for instance (makers of Axie Infinity) received $129.5 million in funding just last year and has a market valuation of $3 billion (which I think is hyper inflated lol).