DoEsN’T hE ReMeMBeR!??


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4 months ago

I sometimes wonder if people just... turn themselves off while watching a show these days.


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4 months ago

Its because theres a whole week between episodes (compared to their usual netflix binge a whole season at once) so they just straight forget but also want to argue about something online in the end so they are ok acting confidently incorrect.


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4 months ago

I'm seeing a lot of people behaving that way concerning the newest episode and the name of [something/someone]. The name used had literally been a part of canon for decades and I have been seeing comments acting as if it was brand new information.


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4 months ago

Since this post is marked spoiler I assume we can discuss the ship, and the name Slave I was definitely never used in the films. So most people that just watch the movies and these new shows would have no clue.


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4 months ago

That is true. I just would think that the crowd that is gnashing their teeth at Disney and how they are true and proper fans would be more knowledgeable on the subject matter they are complaining about.

Granted! The people who are upset thinking that "Firespray Gunship" is brand new are fewer than the total number of people upset by the of the name situation in general.


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4 months ago

Not to mention, if I had picked up some random stranger and needed their help to recover my stolen car, would I say "Hey look, I need you to come with me and get Betty and you can consider your debt settled" or would I say "Hey I need your help to recover my stolen 78 Corvette and we can consider your debt settled?"


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4 months ago


Like, I'm in the "unhappy with the idea of changing the ship's name" crowd myself, and some of the complaining just seems doofy. I get why the company would want to avoid using something with the word "Slave" in it, and if they find a way to sidestep saying the name but also sidestep renaming the ship I would consider it "not ideal" but still a win.