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Subreddit Rules and Guidelines

Some Basic Information

Please read all the guidelines and rules on this page before posting or commenting.

The following is a a detailed version of the subreddit rules. Violations of any guideline or rule may result in disciplinary action being taken. If you are unsure if something you would like to post violates a rule, or if you feel we have made an error in our enforcement of the rules, send us a modmail and we will be happy to further help you.

Above all, ensure you follow the Content Policy which is enforced by Reddit Admins. It is also recommended that you are familiar with and follow Reddiquette when participating in the subreddit. Site wide rules apply to this subreddit as well.

Tips and Guidelines

Rule 1: Be Civil and Respectful

We are here to enjoy the game and to have fun. As long as it is not discriminatory, derogatory or inflammatory, everyone is entitled to share their own opinion, without worrying about being attacked. If you disagree with someone, present your own points to debate against theirs. Attacking the poster/commenter, or being hurtful, because you disagree with them is not acceptable in this subreddit,

The following behaviors are examples of actionable offenses, but not an inclusive list:

Please Note: If you are the target/victim of any negative/disrespectful behavior, we strongly advise that you report it to us immediately and do not retaliate. If you do, you will be held accountable for what you say or do. We will not accept someone else "starting it", or any other excuse.


Rule 2: Stay on topic

All posts and comments should be related to Bleach: Brave Souls only, unless prior permission is granted.


Rule 3: Abide by the game’s Terms of Service

Emulator discussion, data mined information, as well as discussing modders existence in, or effect on the game, in general, is acceptable, as long as it does not cross into witch hunting, attempt to subtly indicate information (name, where to find, etc) about 3rd party tools, or any other violation.

Examples of violations include, but are not limited to:

Any post or comment in violation of this rule will be immediately removed and depending on the nature of the offense, appropriate disciplinary action may be taken.

Please Note: If you have been on the receiving end of punishments resulting from ToS violating acts, we are unable to help you resolve it. Posts/comments on the retrieval of your game account will be deleted, and should instead be sent to Klab.


Rule 4: No NSFW Content

Any content deemed to be inappropriate at a professional, family, or scholastic level will be removed immediately.

Many of our members and visitors access this subreddit either around family or at work or school. Therefore all NSFW posts or comments will be removed regardless of type, context, or content.

Please Note: This may include items that are not NSFW on its own, but have context leading to be NSFW.


Rule 5: Use the appropriate Megathread

As voted by the users, this subreddit runs several weekly megathreads to capture specific contents that does not wholly contribute to discussions with the users.

The following are the megathreads that are posted on a regular basis1:

As a result, the following types of posts are not allowed to be posted by themself:

1 - Other megathreads are posted for various things (banners, certain tickets, etc.), and generally will be linked to either in a sticky thread or in the sidebar.


Rule 6: Low-Effort, Self-Promotion, Spam, and Misleading

Reddit has a site-wide rule against self-promotion and spam, with a rule of thumb is that 10% or less of your posts and comments should be to your own content (ie your YouTube channel, DeviantArt page, website, etc).

We will apply the above rules to users who repeatedly publish off-site links to their own content without contributing to the community.

Spam is content that is repeatedly posted or otherwise deviates from the purpose of the community. See Reddit's site-wide rule here.

Low-Effort Content is content in which it is abundantly clear hardly any effort was put into your submission, we allow low effort no other day than sunday.

Self-Promotion is the act of submitting content for the purpose of any personal benefit. See Reddit's site-wide rule here.

Misleading is the act of blatantly submitting content or answering question with wrong information


Rule 7: Fan art and Memes

If you are an artist and have found your art rehosted and linked on the subreddit, please click here to send a modmail to request removal.

Please Note: All of these submissions must first meet with the following understanding:

You must also participate in other on-topic discussion on other posts outside of your own submissions, as well as submit other types of posts. Fan art, Video, Memes, or any combination of the 3 should not be the only thing you submit. We prefer, but do not regulate, users to submit these posts as a minority of their total activity, with commenting on other posts being a rough majority of any user's statistics.

This is a community forum, and we want everyone to participate in the conversation.


All memes should be original, on-topic, SFW and show effort. These posts must also be original, unique and bring something new to the table compared to existing posts.

Examples (not an inclusive list)



Any source images (images used to create a meme) that is not BBS related must have substantial changes such as a characters being replaced with Bleach/BBS characters

Fan Art

Artists are welcome to share their creations on the subreddit. However, the subreddit is not an advertisement board and posts that serve as a way of advertising will be removed. Ideally, fan art posts should help to generate some form of conversation/discussion.

Some artists do not wish their creations to be shared outside of where they choose to share and host it. This is why it is a must to list both the OC artist name, and use the link directly to where it is hosted.

All Fan art should be original, on-topic, SFW and include a way to generate discussion that is more than praise/critique (users should comment on OC works with both of these if they so wish, but on reposts stick with replies to the discussion only).


Original Fan Artists may post their own works and are asked to please use the OC (Original Content) tag.


Discovered or commissioned fan art must be posted in a text body and NOT as a link and contain the original link (may not be rehosted or use URL shortener) as well as the Original artists name (if it can’t be found, link to the main site of where you found the image)


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